Pizzo Badile
New route

July 2003

There are opportunities which arise by chance as in 2003 when, at the end of the course for alpine guides, Massimo Farina, Ezio Marlier, Massimo Datrino and myself opened up a new rock route on the south face of Pizzo Badile. The new line develops on a pinnacle on the right side of route Moltemi and its difficulty mainly lies on a 60 m high dihedral. We climbed it in two different roped climbs and opened the route following the ethics of the climbers of the area which means that we didn’t use any spits grips and, due to the limited difficulties, we were also able to climb on sight. I always remember this climb as a relaxing ascent, a sort of holiday in the mountains maybe because of the lack of objective difficulties or for the pleasure of climbing in the sunshine.