Traverse of the glacier ‘Hielo Continental Sur’

January 2009

We kept staring at the mountains in disbelief. Mingled feelings of anger, disappointment and sadness had clearly appeared on our faces, but none of us was able to find either the right words or even a curse, to express them. A few minutes had passed but nothing, there was no reaction. Our amazed eyes were still before those long awaited mountains, we had been trying to find for days. Now, because of a glacier turned into a death trap of seracs and crevasses, they were definitely become inaccessible.
Even before we could attempt our climb, we knew we had to give up. Anyway, the memory of that sad moment can’t spoil that incredible experience lived while traversing the third largest glacier in the world: an untouched natural paradise, full of unbelievably wild, steep and unfriendly landscapes.