Second attempt on Cerro Piergiorgio

January 2007

The last months of 2006 turned out to be particularly unlucky for my health. I fractured a vertebra as a result of a heavy fall and consequently I was forced to take a break. As if that wasn’t enough, I had to have an operation on my knees right then. That surgery was necessary in order to find a remedy for the cartilage damage caused by a skiing accident at the age of sixteen.
In late December, even if I wasn’t fully recovered, I decided to leave again for Patagonia in order to realise my secret dream: the second attempt of the north-west face of Cerro Piergiorgio.
Giovanni Ongaro, Matteo Bernasconi and Cristian Brenna, all alpinists and climbers from the Lecco Spiders team, became my partners in this new adventure. Unlike what had happened in 2006, the route followed would be the same as the one unsuccessfully attempted by Casimiro Ferrari and in successive stages by the ‘Ragni della Grignetta’.
Unlike the route attempted the previous year, the progression was almost always aid climbing and on low-quality rock. Because of the persistent bad weather, the use of fixed ropes was also eventually a forced choice.
After two months, fully conscious of the second missed opportunity of achieving our objective, we decided to go back home and postpone it until 2008.