First ascent of two untouched peaks and first winter ascent of Cerro Pollone

August 2013

This is definitely a different Patagonia from that one you can find during the cold winter season, when the streets are almost empty, the locals are much more relaxed in an atmosphere of calm. All this brings me back to my first journey in those lands in 2006, when I opened a new route on Cerro San Lorenzo.
Both Cerro Pollone and Colmillos have been very good and interesting climbs and even if they were not technically among the most difficult, tackling them in winter, meant avalanche risk, intense cold weather, shorter days and long approaches made more strenuous by the snow. Moreover, being a first ascent on the Colmillos, we experienced those typical uncertainties of the exploratory alpinism when you proceed in search of the best line, with only a vague idea of the difficulties and problems you are going to run into. There is no description of a route, you are simply the first – that doesn’t automatically mean you are the best, but that you are a very lucky climber, considering that nowadays the scope for experiencing exploratory alpinism in places like El Chalten has been greatly reduced.
A wonderful, unique and fascinating adventure, in a foreign country where, as in the past, you never feel as a stranger. This stunning, unpolluted and wild country along with its warm-hearted inhabitants, keeps on filling me with joy.

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