The Black sheep

July 2004

In March 2004 I got a completely unexpected phone call from Gianluca Maspes, an alpinist and climber from Valtelline, nicknamed ‘ Rampikino’ . He invited me to take part in an expedition to Pakistan with Maurizio Giordani, Ezio Marlier, Giovanni Pagnoncelli and Nancy Paoletto. The objective was a trip towards an area called Chogolisa Glacier in the Karakorum mountains, in search of new peaks and faces to climb. So in the year marking the 50th anniversary of the first ascent on K2, while the other expeditions were crowding the Baltoro, my partners and I chose an exploratory alpinism which was hardly brought to the media attention and definitely against the general trend. That’ s why, after returning home some journalists labelled us as the ‘ Italian black sheep’ .