Mont Rose
New route, A journey through memories

October 2011

I leave to my father the commentary on this beautiful ascent to Mont Rose which concluded our project Exploring the Alps.
Almost a year after our last ascent together, I belay my son again to attempt a new climb on the south east face of Punta Gniffetti.
The most emotional fact is that we still go in search of unexplored routes. All through the night At night I am overcome by doubts and uncertainties that keep me awake, but above all I am afraid about possible accidents since I share the risks with him. And I have to say, the only negative aspect about the roped climb father and son is that we share the dangers of the mountain, especially when opening new routes since objective dangers are not often entirely calculated. Otherwise mountaineering with your children is the most emotional experience a father can live. The ascent on Mont Rose was brighter and sunnier than the one to the Matterhorn in 2011. The good weather conditions and the warm temperature at the end of September contributed to this successful ascent. It was winter when we ascended the Couloir on Matterhorn and it was as if the cold faces wanted to embrace you preventing from going on.

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