First ascent of a nameless mountain

September 2008

When I went to the area of Muztagatha and Konkhur in September 2008, I had the opportunity to visit China and its mountains for the first time. The idea for this trip originated from my wish to give Marco Cattaneo, a friend of mine, the thrill of climbing an untouched peak for his 40th birthday. Fabio Salini, a friend from Valtelline, helped me in what I would call an ambitious plan, as I found myself playing the role of mountaineer but, at the same time, I had to take on the role of alpine guide with all its responsibility.
The first heavy snowfalls, the frosty wind and the consequential low temperatures which announced the arrival of winter, were the only severe hindrance to our expedition.
After a week of acclimatization and taking advantage of two sunny days, we fortunately succeeded in the fast ascent of a 6.250m high, untouched mountain.