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Lectures are an occasion to give something back and say thank you to all the mountain lovers who follow me. They are a good opportunity for telling stories about both mountain and mountaineering research, where you do not only have to perform but also to pursue your own excitement, limitations and adventure. Fully convinced that where there’s a will often there’s a way, I want to tell you about my climbs and let you share my mountaineering life with the great aim of leading you to believe in your dreams.
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Sports and disciplines, where adventure means danger, are able to instill a great adrenaline charge and at the same time help you gain all the strength and concentration necessary to be at your best and overcome your own limits.
Thanks to a captivating communication, my experience as an alpinist and all the challenges of living in the mountains, will be projected in everyday life and used to put forward meaningful messages.
Focusing on all the objectives, considering risks, the decision-making ability under great emotional stress, understanding the significance of a rope party and consequently of the team spirit, making sense of failure, thinking of enthusiasm and passion as an added value to live a better life, are just some of the topics to be discussed during my motivational conferences.

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