Award Sport and Civility 2015

Sports and Civilization Award  of the city of Parma assigned to Hervé Barmasse as sports ambassador. This award goes beyond the successes achieved in the mountains. Concerns much more the values that sports men can pass on to future generations through their own activities. The prize was awarded by a jury led by Vittorio Adorn.

Leggimontagne Award 2015

Hervé Barmasse is given the Leggimontagna 2015 award for La Montagna Dentro published by Laterza.

Best Adventure 2014

The prize is awarded to Hervé Barmasse into account both the challenges that he did both in the Alps and abroad, as the first concatenation of the Matterhorn crest solo and in winter, both of his style: Barmasse is a modern climber, but sensitive to traditions, a man who could become a model for the younger generation also for its culture of the mountain, far from grading and the performance for it’s own sake.

Luigi Leoni Award 2011

Established by Cai Parma to commemorate the mountaineer Luigi Leoni, the prize was awarded to Hervé and his father Marco, “why are the protagonists of  mountaineering of research, exploration and discovery of the mountains around the world.”

Paolo Consiglio Award 2010

Established by Cai, the prize is awarded annually to one or more expeditions outside Europe that stand out for having made ascents in alpine style of unknown mountains that have a high difficulty. The jury recognized the ascent of Venus Peak 6300 m, which took place in July 2010 during the expedition to G1 from the Chinese side, “a modern climb in alpine style, in a wild place and still little known; a climb that reflects the ideals of a modern elite mountaineering and extra-europe. ”

Monzino Award 2010

The award, instituted to commemorate Guido Monzino, was assigned to the guides of Valtournenche, Marco and Hervé Barmasse “who have distinguished themselves for their professional and exploratory activities.”

SAT Award – Mountaineering category 2010

Annual award of the Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini, Hervé was awarded for the way he lives and promotes the mountain. In particular, the jury praised the new route from Barmasse with his father at the center of the south face of the Matterhorn, the Couloir Barmasse, “an extraordinary expression of the most genuine and deeply held values that are expressed in mountaineering, transmitted in this case generation generation. “


Paolo Consiglio Award 2008

The Prize is awarded for “First ascent in light, quicker style of Hervé Barmasse and Simone Moro who reach the unclimbed summit of Beka Brakai Chhok 6970 m. Example of mountaineering done in an  environment far away from  the Himalayas iperfrequentate walls. ”

Saint Vincent Grolla d’Or Award 2007

International prize awarded by the Region of Valle d’Aosta to the mountain professionals, is assigned to Hervé ‘for the first solo ascent and first repeat of direct route on the south face of the Matterhorn.  Barmasse climbing  on April 2007 stands out due to the difficulty in an extremely harsh and treacherous environment. ”

Paolo Consiglio Award 2006

The Cai award for “exploratory mountaineering outside Europe environmental friendly with high technical content” was assigned to Barmasse and companions for the new route on the north face of Cerro San Lorenzo in Patagonia.

Paolo Consiglio Award 2005

The award was given to Up Project Trip One which, in Karakorum, on the tops of Chogolisa Glacier, opened in two months five new routes and climbed two peaks of 6000 meters.